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Are your pets holiday-ready?

With cooler weather in Arizona comes the holiday season. Don’t let the season creep up and catch you unprepared for your pets’ needs. Follow our tips for a less stressful holiday season for you and your furry family members.

Ensure that Fluffy and Fido are current on their vaccines well in advance of any stay in a boarding facility. Boarding facilities do require pets to have current annual vaccines, with some facilities requiring dogs to receive a Bordetella vaccine every 6 months. Make sure that your pet’s vaccines are up to date at least two weeks in advance of any boarding stay to ensure the vaccines’ effectiveness.

Before the holidays begin with nonstop activities, shopping, and cooking taking over your schedule, be sure to stock on any special item(s) your pet may need:

  • Prescription foods
  • Probiotics
  • Pill pockets
  • Medications

If traveling keep a copy of your pet’s current vaccine records with you and their current medications. If your pet has a microchip (we recommend it, no matter the time of year), be sure that your contact information on file with the company is current in case your pet is lost and then found, and that you know its microchip number and the contact info for the microchip manufacturer in the event that you need to report your pet missing. If you are traveling with your pet for an extended amount of time during the holidays, be prepared by researching veterinarians and emergency animal hospitals near your destination, so that you have a plan in mind should your pet experience any sort of health concern during your trip.

If you plan to fly with your pet during the holidays, it is a good idea to check with your airline for their specific requirements. Did you know many airlines require a Health Certificate, which is an official document received from a veterinarian along with a physical exam within ten days of travel?  For your pet’s Health Certificate, we will need the address of your destination to complete the form. If you plan to travel with your pet outside of the United States, each country has their own particular rules and requirements which you must research in well in advance of your trip, possibly months in advance. The USDA has its own website listing each country’s different requirements for pet travel.

If you are staying home and having guests come to you, make sure that they keep any medications or gifts of candy out of reach of your pet -- no open suitcases for pets to investigate! While celebrating the holidays, be aware of items that can pose problems for your pets and require costly surprise vet visits.

Contact us with any questions that may come to mind for holiday plans that involve your pets. We’re here to help your furry family members have the best holiday experience possible. Prior planning will lead to happy healthy holidays for everyone!

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