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What Happens During My Pet’s Dental Cleaning?

What Happens During My Pet’s Dental Cleaning?

Are you interested in how to get your dog's or cat's mouth from cringe-worthy to kiss-worthy? Let's get into it!

First, the veterinarian will give your pet a full nose to tail physical exam, as well as pre-anesthetic bloodwork and EKG to ensure that that they are healthy. Once your pet passes these tests, the nurse will place an IV catheter in your pet's arm, to deliver fluid therapy to keep your pet hydrated. For their comfort, your pet will also receive medication to relax them and anti-nausea medication as well.

Your pet will then be placed under anesthesia, with constant monitoring of their vital signs by the nurse and doctor. Your pet will then receive a throrough oral exam and dental x-rays. These x-rays show any tooth root problems or defects which may result in these teeth needing to be extracted. Dental extractions are performed, if necessary, and then the complete scaling and polishing of the teeth and below the gum line is completed. Your pet will also receive a complimentary nail trim while under anesthesia.

Once the procedure is completed, your pet will be continuously monitored during the recovery period and for the rest of their stay by a veterinary nurse. Your pet's nurse will ensure that your dog or cat is warm and comfortable.

The same afternoon of your pet's procedure, your pet will be ready to go home, with a sparkling clean mouth! If any extractions were performed, your pet will return in 10-14 days for a complimentary post-dental examination by the doctor to ensure that everything is healing properly. Once fully healed, the best thing to do for your pet's dental health at home is daily brushing with a pet-specific toothpaste. If you need tips on at home pet dental care, please ask us!

If you are uncertain if your pet is in need of a dental cleaning, you may schedule a "Flip The Lip" appointment with one of our nurses. During this free consultation, the nurse will examine your pet's mouth, discuss any specific concerns with you, and create a care plan to accurately reflect the cost of your pet's potential dental cleaning, or give you home care ideas to keep your pet's mouth in great shape.

Give us a call today if you have questions about any of the above, or if you would like to schedule a "Flip The Lip" appointment for your pet, to help put them on the road to great dental hygiene!

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