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Posted on 01-31-2018

It’s that time of year again! National Pet Dental Health Month is here, which makes it a great time to consider the dental health of your favorite feline or your darling dog. It may not ever occur to you to think about the health and cleanliness of your pet’s mouth, but it is a very important subject that has a greater impact on your pet’s overall health than you may know. For National Pet Dental Health Month, we are offering $135 off of dental procedures to thank you for taking preventive measures for your pet’s dental health! We also have some pet dental-related contests going on for the month – stop in and see!

If your pet is young, you may wonder, why is pet dental care important? If my pet’s teeth are clean now, how do I keep them that way? It is a good idea to get him or her used to at home dental care while young. Giving chewy treats that are meant specifically for dental health is a good first step, but even better is to start regular teeth brushing at home.

Pet-specific toothpastes work at an enzymatic level to clean the teeth without a lot of brush scrubbing, though brushing with a soft-bristled, pet-specific toothbrush is recommended. Alternately, putting the toothpaste on a washcloth and rubbing the teeth works too. You may be eager to get your pet started on dental care at home and reach for your own tube of toothpaste. Is human toothpaste safe for dogs and cats? Human toothpaste is NOT recommended for dogs and cats – it is toxic for them to ingest. Daily brushing at home is ideal although any amount of at-home dental care is better than none at all.

Some pets, such as older animals and certain dog breeds, are more likely to experience dental issues that require professional veterinary dental cleaning. As pets age, dental problems are more likely to occur, necessitating scaling and polishing of the teeth and potential dental extractions. What problems can dental disease cause for my pet’s health? If not addressed, dental disease can contribute to heart disease and kidney disease, and reduced quality of life due to oral pain and trouble eating and chewing.

If you are curious to learn more about pet dental health, or if you suspect that your pet has some concerns in that area that need to be addressed, you may call our clinic to schedule a Flip the Lip appointment, a free nurse consultation in which your dog’s or cat’s mouth will be examined and any dental concerns can be discussed. At this time we can also provide you with a care plan for a dental cleaning if necessary, and resources for at-home dental care.

Let us help your pet’s mouth to be its sparkling clean and healthy best!

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