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Posted on 12-12-2015

The holidays come with potential risks and dangers for our canine companions. Check out this list to help keep your pooch protected.


·     Make sure they know you’ve got a dog (so they close doors and gates).

·     Create a ‘safe’ room for your dog, to allow them to hide.

·     Make sure they don’t feed your dogs.

·     Don’t allow children to chase your dog or hold it against its will (this can increase the stress your dog is under and may cause a negative reaction such as a growl, scratch or bite).

Christmas Trees:

·     Don’t use preservatives in the water if your dog can reach this (recommend Sprite or 7up*). *unless you have a diabetic dog

·     Pine needles cannot be digested and can hurt your dog if swallowed.

·     Use a stand with a tree skirt.


·     Tinsel, ribbon, ornaments, strings, wires, cords, dreidels, easily breakable decorations, edible decorations (such as popcorn strings) if swallowed, can cause an obstruction or other serious problems.

·     Candles & liquid potpourri are toxic & are dangerous if spilled or knocked over!

·     Imported snow globes contain antifreeze (ethylene alcohol). As little as 2 tablespoons ingested by dogs can be fatal.


·     The following plants are toxic to dogs:

o     Mistletoe, Holly Berries, Poinsettias, Christmas Cactus, Christmas Rose, Evergreen, Rhubarb, Philodendron, Rosary Pea, Jerusalem Cherry, Chrysanthemum, and more.

Dangerous Foods:

·     Alcohol

·     Chocolate (dark and unsweetened most dangerous)

·     ALL BONES (turkey, ham, chicken, pork, etc.)

·     Skins (turkey, chicken, etc.) and gravy

·     Onions & garlic

·     Raisins, grapes, and macadamia nuts

Although our dogs are like family, sharing human food with them is dangerous.  Consider the following: 1 oatmeal cookie for a dog is equal to 1 hamburger for a human.

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